Friday, April 6, 2012

Food cometh from all directions... on wheels!

You'd better believe I'll be attending this wonderful event!  I've purchased VIP tickets for this Saturday's Food Truck Festival at the Pechanga Resort and Casino!  Details about the festival and where you can get tickets are provided at the end of the break.  I am absolutely stoked about this!  With over forty trucks providing foods that range from bizarre, to straight up gourmet, there's something for everyone.  A great, eclectic experience I am very much ready for.  I believe food can from anywhere.  Mobile kitchens?  Oh, heck yes, please!  I will have an extensive and fun review upon waking from my food overload induced coma on Sunday.  I am particularly looking forward to: WTF Gourmet Pizza, Chef Andy's Street Eats, Me So Hungry (these burgers look incredible and should likewise, taste incredible too!), Slapyomama, and a few others!  Who's ready to chow down!?  Hope to see you there!

As promised, here's info on the event - you can still get your tickets!

Info on the event
Buy your tickets here - This is a deal from Groupon!  Get on it now!  You and a guest can get in for $10!

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